Dec 12, 2013

Andrew Wilson extends his Chairmanship at Cerberus

High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO), Andrew Wilson, has agreed to extend his role as chairman of Cerberus Group for a minimum of five years.

An original founder of the Group in 2000, Andrew was appointed chairman in 2009 and, during this tenure, has overseen impressive growth across all divisions.

In addition to undergoing an expansion programme from our Manchester headquarters, with new offices opening in Leeds, Birmingham and London, the Group has continued to return record collections to our clients during the recession.

The Group is also well placed to take advantage of the new fee reforms which will be introduced in April 2014. Through careful planning we have created an holistic solution for enforcement with fully employed certificated bailiffs, a logistics unit, valuation team and auctioneers, all within the Group.

Andrew is currently vice chairman and lead board member for the HCEOs Association in dealing with the Ministry of Justice on the implementation of the new legislation and, as such, it places him in an excellent position to take clients through the new reforms.

Commenting on the announcement, managing director of Cerberus, Simon Merrett, said, “Andrew has long been recognised as one of the premier enforcement professionals in the UK, with over 35 years in the industry. He forms the solid foundation from which all our enforcement activity is driven.

“Securing his agreement to the role for a further term of five years demonstrates our commitment to his market place and our plans to continue to deliver an unrivalled results-driven service for our clients.” 

Speaking about his continued role as chairman, Andrew said, “These are exciting times for Cerberus and Andrew Wilson & Co, having created a synergy across the Group to enable us to deliver the best results for our clients.

“It is excellent to be working with such an enthusiastic team who continue to deliver impressive results.”