Insolvency Practitioners

Our services are utilised by our valued clients prior to appointment to appraise and value assets or immediately upon appointment to remove and dispose of assets and to provide long term accessible storage solutions for the business books and records.

We are asked to provide solutions in a range of pre and post insolvency situations where both the nature and value of assets ranges dramatically.

Whilst many of the modern instructions require that we value assets and, where necessary, realise post formal appointment, we are frequently asked to provide solutions in the lead up to an insolvency which allows the business to continue to trade and complete orders and deliveries which ultimately increases the prospect of a return for both secured and unsecured creditors.

Our practical insolvency practitioner support solutions incorporate:-

  • Expert critical trading support
  • Nationwide logistics operation
  • 24/7 solutions as required
  • Immediate response
  • Pro-active solutions
  • Simple asset valuations
  • Security, removal & disposal of assets
  • Stock inventory and effective realisation
  • Secure storage solutions

All our services are carried out with the highest standards of professionalism to not only comply with, but exceed where possible, industry standards. With our extensive experience across all industry sectors and asset types, clients are assured of the best possible return in every situation.