We understand the demands that are placed on our corporate clients in these difficult trading conditions and are able to deliver a range of solutions in both the management, realisation and financing of stock and assets to provide an immediate improvement to cash flow.

Clients utilise our services to simply dispose of excess stock in our regular auctions, undertake stock audits and put in place measures to demonstrate controls to lenders and also provide professional appraisals of stock and assets for the purpose of securing finance.

Our broad range of services include:-

  • Excess stock disposal
  • Stock inventory and audits
  • Stock and asset appraisals
  • Stock and Asset Finance advice
  • Identification and disposal of slow and obsolete stocks
  • Critical trading support

We provide solutions to thriving business and those in distress and operate in an efficient and effective manner to ensure that the proprietor’s interests and demands are served.

Our asset valuation and auction operation has a long and well established trading history and is used by Government Bodies as well as businesses throughout the UK.