About us

Clients often instruct us when they are going through a difficult trading period and require an immediacy of action to protect and secure their position or value and/or to realise assets so that cash can be released back into their business.

As each client is different, so too are the services that we provide, which are tailored to the individual client’s circumstances. However, our broad skill set includes:-

  • Asset Valuation, Removal & Realisation
  • Stock Inventory, Valuation & Disposal
  • Logistical Support Services
  • National Secure Storage Facilities
  • Commercial Rent Recovery
  • Business Critical Trading Support
  • Business Valuation and Sale 

We are able to operate independently or in conjunction with our sister company, Cerberus Receivables Management, where we provide integral support to ensure that their ability to recover a sales ledger is enhanced by either supporting ‘run off’ trading or securing and, where necessary, removing or replicating the books, records and computerised systems to protect the position of their underlying client.