Commercial Landlords

With tough market conditions for business throughout the UK there is an exception of growth in the number of insolvencies and failures from the impact of global market turbulence and reducing customer confidence.

We recognise that the commercial landlord is often the silent victim of many of these business failures and we have worked hard to provide a package of solutions that can preserve the interests of both business and landlord.

Our experience in this market place allows us to offer a dynamic solution and dialogue when a landlord is faced with a tenant in arrears. Such as:-

  • Immediate expert attendance by asset managers and certificated bailiffs employed by our Group Companies
  • Prompt protective distraint to secure the landlord’s interest
  • Professional assessment of the tenant ‘s ability to pay
  • Establish realisable value of seized assets
  • Present a recommendation strategy to the landlord

We work together with the landlord and the tenant to create a dialogue where recovery of the arrears can be achieved as well as the retention of a tenant where that is the desire of the client.

Our approach and strategy puts the landlord back in control by ensuring that they assess their position, deal professionally with the tenant and initiate the distraint procedure where appropriate.